Q&A: Sex Without Showering

Dear Sh!

My Girlfriend doesn’t want sex without showering first.

She won’t have it, but I really I like her in her natural, just-home state.

What can I do?

Hi there,

While some of us are happy to strip off and get down to it after a long day at the office, or a long night on the dancefloor…

Lots of people can’t even contemplate sex before a shower.

This is totally understandable as we’re bombarded by messages and advertisements for products to make every part of our body fresh and sweet-smelling and all designed to mask our body’s natural scents – whether from under our arms or within our panties.

And yet, the salty, musky tastes and scents our bodies create during sexual excitement are biochemically designed to arouse and inspire us to have sex.

So, there’s a head versus body thing going on – many of us only feel confident to be sexy when we’re clean whereas our lovers get turned on by the pheromones (the body’s natural attractants) of our ‘au natural’ state.

If your girlfriend needs a quick shower to feel confident, so be it.

Few of us are completely free of sexual insecurities. If showering means the difference between her being a sex kitten or a shy puss, then there’s little point in wading in and forcing the issue.

Once your girlfriend is enjoying your attention, all those musty smells you crave will surface anyway!

This isn’t to say that you should hustle her into the shower as soon as she steps through the door…

You should still carry on subtly communicating just how powerfully attractive her body’s natural scents are to you and over time this will help build her confidence that she is totally sexy to you in her natural state

Hope this helps. If you’d like any more help or advice, just get in touch

Best Wishes

Team Sh!

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