Q&A: My Boyfriend is a Bit Small

Dear Sh!

My new boyfriend, who is lovely, is a bit on the small side so I’m looking to find out how to increase my sensations during sex. I know it’s ‘what you do with it that counts’, as they say, so what can we do to make it a bit more fun for me?



Hi there,

Thanks so much for getting in touch. There’s a couple of things we can suggest to increase sensation if your man is a bit on the small side.

Try a Different Position

First, positions can make a difference to the amount of sensation you’re experiencing from penetration. We’d suggest trying positions where your legs are together, such as doggy-style with your legs together and his apart, and putting your legs over his shoulders during face-to-face sex. It can be lots of fun finding out what works for you, so enjoy experimenting.

8-Ball Ring £17
8-Ball Ring £17

Cock rings are often really helpful for getting and maintaining an erection – the ring goes round the base of his penis, and sometimes his balls as well, and constricts the circulation slightly so blood is trapped in his penis. This produces a stronger erection and extra sensation for him too, as it increases his sensitivity. There are some available which include a small vibrator, and they’re generally a really great couple’s toy so hopefully he will enjoy using it too!

Products for Stronger Erections

There’s also a couple of enhancers that we recommend –  Stimul8 Penis Enlargement Cream is an excellent enhancer to increase his erection.

Curved G-Spot Vibrator £29
Curved G-Spot Vibrator £29

Also, depending how happy he is to talk about this, it might be worth discussing getting a penetrative toy to incorporate into sex. If you’re interested in getting an internal or G-spot vibrator, for example, there’s lots of really good toys that do hit the right spot without looking either realistic or threatening to a guy. We’d suggest something like the Curved G-Spot vibe or the Desire vibe.

Hope all this helps. Please do give us a shout with any more questions.

Best Wishes

Team Sh!

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