Q&A: Illustrated Books?

Hello. I just found your website today. I would like to buy a book that’s more about the illustrations/ pictures than the words. You have so many books, do you have any like this…maybe a graphic novel?

I also want to buy a vibrator. Something soft and maybe not so much vibrating as pulsing. I think. I’ve only ever owned one when I was a teenager and I hated it. I’m thinking the we-pulse or the rabbit ears. I wish I was closer to London so I could visit your shop. I can probably read more of your info about vibrators, but if you could point me towards a book, that’d be helpful.

Hey there,

Many thanks for your email.

We have a couple of graphic novels that might be just what you’re looking for: Kristina – Queen of Vampires and 4 Girlfriends.

Rabbit Ear Vibrator - Used purely for clitoral stimulation, where it thrills the sides of the clitoris..

Many vibrators come with several settings and a good pulsing mode can be fantastic for orgasmic pleasures. The Cute Rabbit Ears Massager has a strong pulse option, and as it is both waterproof and rechargeable, it’s a winner in our eyes. This particular vibe has an ergonomic design and is easy to hold and use with one hand only.

We-Vibe Tango comes with excellent reviews and is a great choice for someone who prefers intense stimulation. It’s a discreet lipstick-style vibe with 8 amazing settings, giving you plenty to explore. USB rechargeable and fully waterproof, We-Vibe Tango is designed to deliver pin-point pleasure.

Love, Team Sh! xx

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  1. If you prefer male/male, Tom Bouden’s IN BED WITH DAVID AND JONATHAN and Dale Lazarov’s STICKY and GOOD SPORTS are all amazing!

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