Q&A: How Common is Female Ejaculation?

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I was in your shop a couple of weeks back and as a single man I really appreciated that you let me in, and were patient enough to answer all my questions!

Anyway, to come to the point, I wanted to ask you – how common is female ejaculation? I’ve experienced female ejaculation with previous partners but not with my current girlfriend, and I was wondering whether, with a small G-spot dildo, patience and dedication, I might be able to do this for her?

Thanks very much – and thank you again for making my visit to the shop so enjoyable!



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Thanks for getting in touch – and glad to hear you enjoyed your visit to the shop.

How Common is Female Ejaculation?

Lots of women experience female ejaculation but don’t realise, or worse, hold back because it ejaculation feels very like the urge to pee. Regarding female ejaculation, it’s something that varies a great deal from woman to woman. Some women find it very easy, others never experience it. It’s worth talking to your partner about what she gets out of G-Spot stimulation. The best way to go about it is to play around with G-Spot stimulation and see what feels good for her. Taking time and talking about it is crucial, as it’s the best way to find out what she likes.

Practice Ejaculating

Because the G-Spot sits right under the bladder and around the urethra, G-Spot stimulation can make a woman feel  like she suddenly needs to go to the loo. It’s common for women to clench up at that point and try not to ‘let go’, because we’re all very conditioned not to pee in bed! It can really help her to relax if you try this in the shower or the bath first, or even just put a towel on the bed.

Glass G-Spot Dildo £37
Glass G-Spot Dildo £37

Specially curved G-spot toys can be really helpful as the bend makes it easier (and less tiring!) to provide the sustained stimulation the G-spot loves, than by hand alone.

We would recommend a glass G-Spot dildo which is firm, smooth, and with a drop of lube, incredibly sensual for g spot play.

More about Female Ejaculation

There’s also a couple of good books we can recommend – The Clitoral Truth and also Female Ejaculation & the G-Spot, both of which are excellent guides to female ejaculation.
These should help with G-spot stimulation, but as you say ejaculation is not too common and it depends on each individual woman. We’d suggest not focussing just on ejaculation – there’s lots of fun to be had and things to be discovered trying for female ejaculation, so enjoy the journey too.

Hope this all helps.

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