Organic Tampons

The first ever tampon was invented by Dr Earle Haas in 1931 for his missus, a ballet dancer, who wanted something to use internally during her period. The rag in her pants, that women used at the time, was just not up to the twirls and leaps of Swan Lake…

A company (now known as Tampax) bought the invention and the rest is history.

HIStory is probably right too, as many women are unaware that rayon, a highly absorbent fibre, is used in big brand / non organic tampons.

Dioxin, a by-product of chlorine bleaching is also present.

Organic Tampons £3
Organic Tampons £3

Even low levels of dioxins may be linked to cancer, endometriosis, low sperm count and immune system suppression. The issue is that rayon tampons leave fibres in the vagina making it more susceptible to absorb Dioxin.

Whilst we don’t want to worry you ( we are talking minute amounts of dioxin here) there are more natural alternatives like Natracare Organic Tampons.

Natratrare organic tampons have been a revelation to the Team Sh! Yes, we love the fact that organic tampons are greener because they don’t use the same bleaching process.

But we never though that using an organic tampon would feel very different, but they really seem to.

When using organic tampons, we all felt we had less period pains or cramps when compared with using non organic tampons.

We can’t guarantee this for all women – after all, we’re just a very small sample group – but maybe the lack of bleach and harsh chemicals helps?

Our customers also love them; 5* reviews on the web and many (monthly!) repeat customers in store.

Naturacare Organic Tampons come in two styles; with applicator and without and two sizes; super and regular.

Their organic credentials are;

  • 100% organic cotton
  • Non-chlorine bleached
  • Rayon-free .
  • Certified organic by The Soil Association
  • Applicators are made from biodegradable card.


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