On Tortilla Chips, Ellen & Gold Medals for Fab People!

‘The tortilla chip strong enough to support guacamole’ How President Obama perfectly, if somewhat bemusedly, describes international treasure Ellen De Generes before clasping around her neck The Presidential Medal of Freedom, THE highest civilian honour in the US

He was ‘choked-up’, she was gleaming with tears, both understandably emotional as Mr President says;  ‘It’s easy to forget now, when we’ve come so far … just how much courage was required for Ellen to come out on the most public of stages almost 20 years ago…’

The Big Gay Journey

Like any journey, it IS easy to forget the getting there once we’re lying on the beach, even when the journey was long, hard and squeezed into cattle-class.

20 years ago in the UK, we were still in the midst of fighting Section 28, which forbade local councils from ‘intentionally promoting homosexuality’

Representation on mainstream telly tended to show gay peeps as either victims, mentally deranged, camp or de-sexualized (little change there then?)

George Michael was forced out after being arrested for ‘lewd behaviour’ in a Beverly Hills park public by an under cover cop.

Equalization of the age of consent was defeated not once, not twice but THREE times by the House of Dinosaurs, until it was forced upon them and into law in 2003.

Certainly 20 years ago not everybody was skipping out of the closet, 100% of the time. Often for safety or sanity it was prudent to keep a little bit hidden, whether from estranged families, pervy bosses or simply for a cloak of anonymity walking to the night bus after a night at the Fridge Nightclub

Fighting back against LGBTQ injustices

But, like Ellen, we weren’t taking it any more. Lesbians abseiled into the commons and stormed Sue Lawley on the six o’clock news protesting against section 28. George smashed it, with his f**k-you homoerotic cop-infused music video ‘Outside’ and marches were loud, proud and all about visibility.

To paraphrase the Afican Proverb it takes a whole Gay Pride Rally to raise a sea change.

The journey isn’t finished yet – not by a long pink mile!  ‘Proper’ gay marriage may have finally been legalized in the UK and US,  but it’s still not allowed in In Australia, that most apparently liberal of continents.

And, of course, in many countries  across the world, LGBTQ rights have much of their arduous journey in front of them, whether within that’s countries where it is actually illegal to be gay  or simply where it’s dangerous/ humiliating to be ‘out’  Other places, such as in Russia and India, gay rights are actually backwards.

LGBTQ Visibility goes hand-in-hand with liberation.

Visibility and liberation go together like gay-marriage & rainbow-flag. Without one, we can’t have the other.

That’s why events such as the British LGBT Awards as so important.

They’ve has been recognising LGBT+ achievement and inclusion for half a decade, borne of the want to promote greater acceptance and reward those who have demonstrated a commitment to equality, opportunity and fair treatment for all.

These our our very own gold medals for fab people!

About the British LGBT Awards

The British LGBT Awards represent a growing base of 21,000 LGBT+ voters and currently has the largest media reach of any LGBT+ awards event in Europe, helping to increase awareness of LGBT+ issues and encourage greater acceptance.


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