Toy of the Month: Sh! Harness

This month we are celebrating an all time favourite. It’s consistently one of our best sellers and it’s not hard to see why.

It’s the Sh! Leather 2-Strap Dildo Harness


Our harnesses are hand crafted in our London workshop which is what ensures every piece is of the highest quality. You only have to hop over to the product page to see how many amazing reviews it gets.

The most recent of the many, many positive reviews comes from Horny Geek Girl who said:

This gorgeous deep purple 2 strap leather harness is soft as butter. The feel is beautiful; it is really soft and supple. It feels almost weightless in place. I was a bit worried about how well the ‘D’rings would hold the straps when it was in use but they worked perfectly, holding firm even with vigorous thrusting. I really liked this harness, it was very easy to tighten the straps when it was on, so it fit securely. I found it very comfortable to wear, and it didn’t chafe at all. The central straps that run between your legs sat nicely, and gave slight stimulation when I was thrusting.

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It comes in a range of colours and sizes to suit all your strap on and pegging needs.

You can buy yours now for just £45.

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