Nipple Clamp Safety Tips

Tips for Playing Safely and Sensually with Nipple Clamps:

Check sensations regularly

The pinch of nipple clamps is one thing but the real sensation comes after the clamp is released.

Once you’ve got over the initial sensation  when nipple clamps are applied, feelings may turn quite mild until the clamps come off and then ‘OUCH!’

Start out only for a minute or so, then release, to restore circulation and to address the intensity factor before moving on to longer periods…

Clamps can make nipples incredibly sensitive

When nipple clamps are released, blood rushes back into the traumatized area making the never-endings zing with sensation.

How much will, of course,  depend on how sensitive your nipples are in a ‘regular’ state.

If you’re nipples go crazy at the brush of a blouse, stand back to be blown away at a mere whisper of breath across them…

If your nipples are not very sensitive, you may find nipple clamps are just the thing to make them stand to attention.

A lot of pleasure and imaginative sensation play can be applied after the clamp is released; ice, a warm tongue, vibration, the stroke of a feather stroked across or sting of a mini whip will all feel super magnified on freshly unclasped nips.

 Don’t play with nipple clamps for too long

Especially if you’re a beginner.  As the nature of a clamp  to cut off blood supply, it’s  best not to play with nipple clamps for  a few minutes at first.

Even if you’re a seasoned player, clamps shouldn’t be left on for more that 30 minutes without a break and chance for circulation to be restored.

It depends on the type of clamp used and how total the ‘cut-off’ , but no blood flow to an area can mean tissue damage, so don’t take this tip lightly.

Home-made clamps

Your local hardware, DIY  or beauty shop  can reveal some interesting home-made nipple pinchers; clothes pegs, hardware clamps and even hair clips can be brought into play.

However check their surface very carefully, running your finger ( or better yet, your tongue – as that is one of the most sensitive feeler on your body) over the surface.

Feel firmly for splinters or anything that could nick or cut. Clearly, don’t use a clamp with serrated metal teeth as these can obviously break skin.

Apply nipple clamps behind the areola

The areola is the circle of darkened skin surrounding the actual nipple. Pull the nipple out and apply the nipple clamp toward the back – almost behind the nipple.

Nipple clamps that are applied too closely to the front of the nipple can be frustrating as they slip off in the heat of the moment.  Clamping as much as possible behind the areola will give you a much more secure pinch.

Advice about breasts & nipple clamps

Breast and nipple sensitivity changes throughout the  menstrual cycle – what feels good one day may be excruciating the next – be aware of this and don’t try to ‘stick it out’ just because it felt good last time.

During pregnancy and breast-feeding is also a time when nipple sensitivity can go through the roof.  There’s no reason why you can’t play whist expecting or feeding a baby, just listen and follow your body’s signs.

Women with cystic breasts and silicone implants should be cautious when it comes to nipple clamp play.

Nipple clamps aren’t just for nipples!

Anything that is pinched hard for quite a while and then released becomes super sensitive – so image what a clamped clit could feel like…

Perhaps too much for some, but if you struggle with clitoral sensitivity, a clamp on your clitoris could wake her up – a lot!

Labia don’t have the same amount of nerve-endings, but can enjoy tugging , spreading and weighty sensations that a clamp clipped here can bring.

Our Top 3 Nipple Clamp Recommendations:

Tweezer Nipple Clamps (£13) Easy Adjustable Squeeze Clips: Ideal for Beginners
Tweezer Nipple Clamps (£13) Easy Adjustable Squeeze Clips: Ideal for Beginners

Best Nipple Clamps for Beginners – Tweezer Nipple ClampsAn excellent set for newbies exploring first-time nipple play, the V-shaped clamps open wide to go behind the nipple and are totally adjustable – you simply slide clip upwards until the desired level of pinch is reached. The connecting chain add weights and is ideal to tug and ‘wake-up’ the nipples  and looks look hot between the breasts…



Adjustable Nipple Clamps (£11) Screw-Type, Rubber-Coated with Chain
Adjustable Nipple Clamps (£11) Screw-Type, Rubber-Coated with Chain

Best for Intermediates – Adjustable Nipple Clamps

2 large rubber coated clamps, fully adjustable with a screw  on each clasp with can be used to limit the pinch-effect. clamps. They are heavy, so will need to be pinched quiet hard to keep them from slipping off.

A connecting chain adds to the weighty sensations and can be tweaked and tugged to increase sensations.



Nipple Chain Clamps (£16) Simple Clip Clasp Type with Heavy Chain
Nipple Chain Clamps (£16) Simple Clip Clasp Type with Heavy Chain

Best for all-round clamping Nipple Chain Clamps

A pair of simple squeeze-open clasps with a broad, flat pinching area to diffuse sensations and rubber-coated interior tips for stay-put pleasure. Like a flat pair of modern clother pegs, these are the best clamps if you’d like to explore clit-clamping.




Read more nipple play advice to help you explore the delightful sensations of your or your partner’s twin peaks…


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