NEW: Kink 101 Erotic Class

Got kink on your mind?

Join experienced psychotherapist Deborah Fields of Greymatters Psychotherapy for an evening of delving deep into the psychology of kink: Why does it feel so good – or bad?

Debs, a qualified and experienced psychotherapist as well as an established workshop teacher on the kink scene, will share her extensive knowledge of the topic and she’ll probably have you giggling too!

This brand new workshop is for everyone who loves and or hates that word. More so for those curious. Take some first steps into the real 50 Shades and realise it’s an awesome rainbow versus grey. Let’s look at what you could want from sex and kink. This will explore the basics from a personal and professional perspective.


Debs-Kink-101An established workshop teacher, Debs is a therapist and supervisor with a successful private practice, who also happens to be human and a mum.

She is also known for running multiple workshops on the fetish scene and at therapy conferences.

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Sign up for some laughter with a woman with her own experience of life, sex, and kink, personal and professional.

Are you a psychology professional?

If so, attending this class will get you a CPD certificate!




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