Enjoyable Sex!

Just had to share – the Sh! girlz were checking a website on ‘How To Conceive A Boy’, and found this gem on their (largely dodgy-looking) advice list:

5. The couple should know what sexual positions to help conceive a child. And women could try to have an orgasm during intercourse.

Sounds like the author can’t even imagine that women trying for a baby might also – shock horror! – be having enjoyable sex, unless he reminded them to.

Sexy Ideas For Lovers
31 Favours : Sexy Card Game For Her

Anyway, talking of enjoyable sex, there’s lots of new goodies in stock today. We’ve got the amazing 31 Favours: Sexy Card Game For Her and 31 Favours: Sexy Card Game For Him – each a set of hot card game full of handy hints on ways to thrill, tease and tantalise your lover. The Sh! girlz recommend buying a set of each so no one gets left out!

Diva Body Shimmer Powder
Golden Body Shimmer – looks good, feels good, tastes good! Diva Shimmer Body Powder is a golden shimmer powder, great for dusting onto a lover’s bare skin…it tastes yummy too, a bit like sherbert, and is ideal for licking off…and it’s infused with pheromones for an extra enhancement!

Spicy Scented Massage Candle
Sensual Massage candle: Pomegranate and Ginger

Ideal for divas everywhere, the Sh! girlz recommend trying out Diva Body Shimmer Powder to wear on an evening out. A dab on the arms and shoulders, and you’ll look and smell fantastic – plus your lover can lick it off when you get home!

Sensual Massage candles
Sensual Massage Candles are delicious, pheromone-infused massage candles made from soya oil and deliciously fragranced with White Lavender, Patchouli and Ylang-Ylang, and Pomegranate and Ginger. They melt at a low temperature and can be poured onto a lover’s skin and used as massage oil, as well as creating a gorgeous scent to set the mood!

There’s lots more snazzy goodies still arriving, ladiez, so watch this space – and look out for a super-special announcement here tomorrow night!

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