New Competition! Pee Free with Whiz!

Are you heading our to any festivals this summer? Camping, long car journeys queues. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just pee against a hedge and be done with it?

Whiz Freedom is an ingenious device that allows peeps without a penis to pee standing up, simply by holding it against the body and letting nature and gravity take its course.

The manufacturers of  Whiz Freedom  say it’s the ‘world’s first hydrophobic (repels water), antibacterial and eco-friendly (re-usable) urine director’

We say it’s one of the greatest inventions in the world!

There’s no need to undress to use  – simply slip into your flies/panty-fronts. And there you are, be free to pee this summer.

Anyway in celebration of all the outdoor delights that August brings we’re giving away 5 of these ingenious little devices.

Got to have one right now? You can buy your own right now.


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