First Sex Toy Recommendations

Looking forward to purchasing your very first sex toy, but bewildered by vast amount of shapes, sizes and materials?  Or perhaps looking for something to share with a partner who’s never played with toys before?

Sex toy shopping can be daunting, as well as very exciting. In order to make it as easy as possible, we’ve put together a short beginner’s guide, giving you the rundown on the most popular categories.


My First Clitoral Vibe

Clitoral Pleasure Vibe £24
Clitoral Pleasure Vibe £24

The Sh! Clitoral Pleasure vibe is a great choice for women who prefer stimulation on the sides of the clit, rather than directly on the sensitive tip. The soft silicone prongs gently tease, and with 10 different sensations, there is lots to explore. The control unit is easy to work and by handing it over to a partner, you have a great couples toy.



My First G-spot Toy

Mini G-Spot Vibe £18
Mini G-Spot Vibe £18

The Sh! Mini G-Spot vibrator is small but perfectly formed. Also made from body-safe silicone, this vibe has a gently curved tip to better find and stimulate the G-spot. With 7 different settings, easily controlled with a quick flick of your finger, the Sh! Mini G-spot vibe can also be used for clitoral pleasure.

Adding a lube will greatly enhance your experience with any toy; here’s where you’ll find our recommendations for water-based lubricants.


My First Rabbit Vibrator

G-Spot Rabbit £39
G-Spot Rabbit £39

The Sh! G-Spot Rabbit vibrator is a slim rabbit-style vibe with two motors and a G-spot stimulating tip built in. Very easy to use, this vibe offers a variety of vibration, escalation and pulse patters for you to enjoy. The two bunny ears flicker and pulse around the sides of the clit, making it a fantastic toy for women who need clitoral stimulation in order to have an  orgasm. Made from phthalate-free silicone, the Sh! G-spot Rabbit is safe and sensual.



My First Anal Toy

Butt Plug 3 £15
Butt Plug 3 £15

When it comes to anal play, there are three rules to adhere to:  go slow, go small and go for a thick, viscous lube.

The cleverly-designed Butt Plug 3 is suitable for both women and men, and makes a good first toy for gentle introduction to anal play – along with that all-important lube, of course. The beads increase in size, making insertion a comfortable and exciting experience.

Hand-poured from medical grade silicone right here in our studio in east London, butt plug 3 is body-safe and easy to clean, and its heart-shaped base makes it safe for anal play.


My First Strap On Kit

First Strap On Kit £67
First Strap-On Kit £67

As sexuality and gender are becoming more fluid, we are noticing more and more couples wanting to experiment with Strap-On play. Choosing shapes and sizes can be daunting, so in order to make it as easy as possible, we’ve  created a First Strap-On Kit.

Coupling a medium-sized Cupid 2 silicone dildo with a Slip-On harness make a great first Strap On.

The popular Cupid 2 is 12cm in length and just over 3cm in girth at its widest, and the thong-style soft leather harness can comfortably be worn under clothing for quick access. The kit also comes with water-based lube and a selection of assorted condoms for extra hygiene.


My First Spanking Toy

Mini Rubber Whip £12
Mini Rubber Whip £12

The Mini Rubber Whip is small and easy-to-handle whip with rubber strands – ideal for trying out sensation play.  Unlikely to cause pain, the Mini Rubber Whip is perfect for those who like their pleasure with a tiny bit of sting.


If you’d like more information on toys suitable for beginners, feel free to call us  on 03333 444 005 or post a question below.

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