My First day

By Renee. Store Manager

Our Renee


My first day at Sh!… Oh yes, I remember it well!

Bank Holiday, Monday 27th May 2007, 11am. That’s the date and time I was to present myself to Kathryn Hoyle, MD of Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium and also my New Boss.

I had read my Sh! Girl Bible cover to cover several times; giggled at some paragraphs (don’t use the word ‘cunt’ when speaking to customers) and despaired at others (I had to remember what toys took which batteries, and as the stocklist ran into double digits, I was rather concerned). I looked up competitors online and spent hours perusing the Sh! website in order to familiarize myself with both the company and the stock. I was ready! Or so I thought…

Two Sh! Girlz introduced themselves, and then put on each other’s badges in a jokey effort to confuse me. Didn’t work tho – I may be Swedish, but I’m not stupid..! 😉

As New Boss and I sat down to go through all sorts of necessary bits to do with my new job, a couple was sat watching porn and drinking cups of tea on the other side of the wall. Audio came thru, and as I sat with New Boss, I could hear a woman moaning with pleasure. My handbook had not mentioned this – listening to loud moaning on my first day. New Boss didn’t seem to notice the gasps and sounds of fucking, and just carried on talking. I didn’t know what to do with myself. (I have long since learnt how to tune any distracting noises out and focus on the task in hand. I have to, or I’d get no work done!)

Once the couple had their fill of Anna Span-porn, they got up to inspect the impressive range of spankers on display (I could see this on the CCTV screen). The lady chose a crop, tested it out on her hand – and set about chasing the gent with it… She chased him around the shop floor, spanking hard when she got close enough, the pair of them giggling like naughty kids. I’d say they had no idea they were being watched, and by this point I was stunned, googly-eyed and slack-jawed. New Boss didn’t seem to find this behaviour at all unusual, but for a brand new Sh! Girl, it’s quite something! (These days, I positively encourage couples to test the spankers out on each other, and also teach classes on how to do it with style & panache..!)

The rest of the day passed in a blur – the Sh! Girlz showed me vibrators, and to my consternation, one of the Girlz seemed unable to look me in the eye. I have since made the connection and developed the same habit myself; we never look a ‘newbie’ in the eye when we use words such as ‘clit’ as it can feel very intense and weird for someone who’s not used to certain words spoken out loud. She was being polite and discreet – but I thought she has Aspbergers..!

It was a full-on day, and I can’t remember what I did when I got home; I probably poured myself a large glass of wino, downed it in one, and then passed out from anxiety of what Day Number 2 might bring ..!

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