My Body Back Project First Meet-Up

My Body Back Project – We Won’t be Shushed!

Are you a female survivor of sexual violence? Have you received the support needed after such a trauma and are you now looking at how you can reclaim your body and start to enjoy sex again? Would you like to be able to ask questions and openly discuss orgasm, masturbation, penetration, fantasies and anything else connected with sex?

If so, the My Body Back Project could be for you.

My Body Back Logo“We Won’t Be Shushed!” is a new monthly support group for survivors of sexual violence, where we will discuss all aspects of sex. The groups will be led by the survivors who attend – it will be these women that determine the topics they would like to discuss during upcoming sessions.

When: Saturday 14th March at 10.30am

Where: Sh!, 57 Hoxton Square, London N1 6PB

Who: Female survivors of all ages (18+), backgrounds and sexual orientations are welcomed.

Cost: FREE

During the sessions, we will be joined by My Body Back Project founder Pavan Amara, herself a survivor of rape. Through her own circumstances, she discovered there was no service for rape survivors and how they felt about their bodies, sex, and sexual health. Inspired, Pavan decided to do something about itand set up her website, Pavan began by inviting women to anonymously write in and share their stories of sex and their bodies. Within a month, Pavan had received almost 100 stories, some which can be viewed on her website.

Spaces are limited, so if you’d like to attend the My Body Back Project’s first session at Sh!,  please email 



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