Favourite Sex Toys This Week

Well, its monday again and time to give you a peek into what sex toy are our customer favourites this week!

Well. there are some new favourites to report – after a really busy day, the Sh! Girlz have counted up two clear favourite sex toys that have been flying g off our shelves…

1. The We Vibe II
The We Vibe II is an updated version of the original We-Vibe, but the We Vibe 2 has nine different settings of vibration! Deigned as a vibrator for couples to use during intercourse, lots of ladiez have told us it also makes a great solo clit and G-Spot vibe!

2. Double Dildo
We’ve also had a rush on double dildos today – a lesbian sex toy which is great for G-spot play. The Vibrating Double Dildo comes with a dual buzz, and can be separated to make sharing that bit easier! We’ve also seen lots of Flexible Double Dildos selling – a gorgeous dildo which can be bent into any shape you like, and stays that way, due to a flexible ‘spine’ within the dildo. They’ve both been very popular this weekend

So, those are a couple of today’s favourites – enjoy!

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