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Sex Toy Faves This Week

What sex toys are proving to be customer faves this week? The Sh! Girlz have noticed there were two stand out sex toys that were especially popular over the weekend. We've written up a little about them here to give you an idea of what's extra hot at the moment! Bendy Silicone Anal Beads

Bendy Silicone Anal Beads


Fun Factory's gorgeous silicone anal beads are great fun! Designed for anal pleasure, the Bendy Anal Beads are firm but flexible, and are designed to be inserted one at a time during foreplay, and pulled out (gently!) at orgasm, for a really amazing sensation. With a curvy handle for keeping a grip on and an elegant design, the Bendy Beads are great to use as a beginner's anal toy, or something for the more experienced... Liquid Silk Lubricant
Liquid Silk


Liquid Silk Lube is a gorgeous glycerin-free lubricant,
great for when a little extra moisture is neeeded. It's waterbased, so body friendly and safe to use with silicone toys. It's also very smooth, and doesn't go sticky. We recommend it for its glycerin-free and neutral formulation - and we love the pump action bottle top for easy one-handed application! These two are clearly extra popular this weekend, so why not try one out? In fact, they complement each other well too, so you could even try out both at once! Enjoy, ladiez...

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