Sex Toy Favourites 5

It’s sex toy favourites time folks!
Another busy Monday for the Sh! Girlz! We’ve been processing and packing your orders ready to send (we can’t post them til tomorrow because the posties have today off, but it’s good to get ahead of the game) and a couple of sex toys have been extra popular with our lovely customers this weekend.

Little Su Natural Dildo

1. The Little Su Natural Dildo

Designed as an all-purpose dildo, the Little Sue Natural dildo is a gorgeous curvy toy with a cute little clit stimulator – it’s designed as the perfect to toy use either on your own or with a partner! The curvy body is great for G-spot play and the clit stimulator can be amazing to use alone, or to share some clit-to-clit bump-and-grind with a partner. Designed as a solo or lesbian sex toy, the Little Sue Natural Dildo is specially designed to be fulfilling and sensual, and is made of ultra smooth sexy silicone. The Sh! Girlz also love the discreet packaging – the box is cutely disguised as a hardback book, which is great if you live in shared space and want a very subtle toy…

Tuyo Massager

2. The B3 Tuyo Massage Vibrator
The Tuyo is a beautiful toy, designed for massage and vibration, and is perfectly discreet! The Tuyo is a round vibrator, so it’s ideal for direct and indirect clit play, sensual massage, and anything else you fancy! Made of smooth hard plastic, with a band of silicone for grip, the Tuyo can be ideal to use alone or with a partner, and is so discreet you could mistake it for an elegant ornament. With eight speeds ranging from gentle to intense, and three pulsating settings, the Tuyo has something for everyone!

Cupid 3 Didlo

3. The Cupid 3 Dildo
Likely to be a regular in our Monday Favourites, the Cupid 3 dildo is one of Sh!’s very own dildo designs, and currently the most popular dildo we make. With its smooth body of high-quality silicone, gentle curves, and trade-mark heart shaped base, the Cupid 3 is a gorgeous dildo to use on its own or with a strap-on harness. It’s also available with a powerful buzzy bullet that slips into the base, turning a gorgeous dildo into a gorgeous vibrating dildo.

So, those are the favourite goodies this Monday – keep the orders coming, ladiez!

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