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Monday Favourites

Just a very fast Faves post today, Ladiez - the Sh! Girlz are pretty busy, but that's how we like it! Our top seller today has been, by a mile, the Double Dildo Kit...our much-loved set of some top-selling goodies. The Cupid 2 and the Wirly Girly 3, are two Sh! favourites, and the set comes with - a Dildo connecter so they can be attached together in a customised double dildo.. - a Two-strap harness so you can wear either dildo as a strap-on toy... - a Dual Dildo Strap-On Accessory that the wearer of the harness can experience penetration at the same time with the other toy... - plus some lovely Lush lube for smooth moves, and six condoms for safer sex... All this, with a big reduction on the prices of each individual goody - our Sh! Dildo sets are well worth a look!

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