Lube: What you need to know if you’re baby-making…

We’re all getting very savvy in the boudoir and Team Sh! are very pleased about that.

We’ve been battling against judgmental attitudes to women’s sexuality for years; sometimes really overt negativity but mostly subtle put-downs that make women feel bad.

Take lube. It’s finally coming out of the closet as one of the best sexual accompaniments a woman can have by her bedside. All that “real women don’t need lube” lark is being consigned to the dark ages. Anxiety about not being wet enough is being swept away. Hurrah! Who needs it. When you’re having sex, worry is the last bedfellow you want sneaking into your bed.

But the thing most purveyors of lube don’t tell you is that it can kill sperm.

Not all sperm but some. And that’s not an anxiety you want creeping into your bed when your baby-making either!

Yes Baby  Organic Lubricant £22
Yes Baby Organic Lubricant £22

Luckily there’s a special sperm-friendly lubricant called Yes Baby Lubricant, by British, organic lube-makers Yes, that allows you to have long, super-slippery love-making sessions, safe in the knowledge that the little fellas are not being knocked out.



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