London Riots

This week has been tiring one for the Sh! Girlz, as it has been for all Londoners, with a mix of emotion ranging from disgust, shame and anger to heart-warming pride for the community spirit raised from the ashes of our burning & looted streets.

With both shops close to the action (the shop next door to our Portobello store and one over the road had had their windows put in) our main priority was the safety of the Sh! Girlz and on Tuesday we closed early so the staff could get home safely … as we locked up we sent out a lil message to the rioters…

Mindful of the peeps up in Tottenham who lost everything in their burnt-out houses, our MD organised runs up to the support center with duvets & clothing donated by the Sh! Girlz, spare cups raided from the Sh! kitchen and loo rolls, bin bags & cleaning stuff from our office stores…. ( whilst we realise the “feel-better” factor of vibrators, we did think maybe they weren’t the most practical of donations to women camped out in a sports centre!)

Our MD has volunteered a couple of hours of her day to help out in the support centre so she’ll be reporting back on whats needed but at the moment its bin bags, plates, cutlery, toiletries, women’s sanitary care, baby stuff & clothes, kids clothes & games….

For Sh!, things are getting back to normal now and the shops open as usual ( Sh! Portobello 11-7pm & Sh! Hoxton 12-8pm) and as we serve a cup of tea ( or coffee) to all our customers, we’ll be supporting Operation Cup of Tea everyday!

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