Lelo Noa Wearable Vibe

If, like most women, penetration on its own just isn’t enough to get you off, and this clever little toy provides the extra stimulation to pleasure your clitoris , as well as stimulate your G-spot,  which should help you reach orgasm during penetrative sex.

As Lelo Noa is so small and non-intrusive, your partner needn’t worry that he’ll somehow be made redundant in the bedroom  – this toy offers great pleasure for both of you.

Lelo Noa £65
Lelo Noa £65

Lelo Noa is great during any kind of play – let the toy do its thing to get you nicely warmed up, whilst you and your partner both have hands free to concentrate on other parts of the body.

How to ‘wear’ the Lelo Noa

The smooth, elongated bullet shape sits in between the labia lips and over the clitoral area, providing vibration in the area where it counts the most.

Meanwhile, the small internal vibe rests against the G-spot near the vaginal entrance, and the idea is that you can then fit in your partner at the same time and you’ll both feel the amazing vibrations.

If the thrusting gets vigorous enough for the toy to slip out, all you need to do is slide a hand down in between your bodies and press Lelo Noa closer to you.

Lelo Noa is waterproof, so it can join you in the shower for a quick morning blast, or perhaps the bath for a long, slow evening of luuurve.

Lelo Noa charges via USB which is really handy, especially if you travel a lot. Plug it into your laptop and voila – ready to go!

Not just for couples, Noa is also a fab solo sex toy too!

Noa makes a great toy for solo sex and because it stimulates you 2 pleasure centres at the same time, much like a rabbit vibrator, this dual stimulation can lead to a ‘blended orgasm’ which is an orgasm that feels like it comes from both inside and out.

And, it’s not just for bedroom or bathroom play either.

If you’re a mischievous and up-fer-it kinda gal, Lelo Noa is small enough (and quiet enough) to be worn inside knickers like a hands-free vibrator,  whilst perusing the frozen isles in Tesco…

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