Lelo Feather Review

Lelo Feather

Like all of Lelo’s pleasure toys, the Tantra feather adheres to the luxurious and beautiful designs that we’ve come to expect from them.

From the very satisfying feeling metal handle, which is just the right delicate weight to enhance the joy of using it, to the amazingly soft and gentle feathers – this just shouts quality and oozes sensuality. 

Feathers for Sensual Play

Lelo Feather £18
Lelo Feather £18

Coming in three different colours, be it ruby red, vivid purple or classy black, each one is unique and beautiful.

When the teaser is used on the skin to wake up and entice a partner’s whole body the feathers glide in the most erotic fashion and it feels so loving on both sides.

It’s as though you are worshipping every inch of their skin and making every cell in their body dance and come alive.

Feathers are a much overlooked item in sensual and sexual play. If you haven’t discovered it yet it’s time to find out exactly what you’re missing out on.




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