Je Joue Mimi Clit Vibrator Review

Being an enthusiastic lover of sex toys that provide clitoral stimulation, I confess, with the MiMi, I am deeply and madly in love & lust.

After years of going through a plethora of different toys that each offered their own special something into the mix, I have truly found my soul mate with this delightful little gem of a clit vibrator that ticks all the boxes for me.

Je Joue MiMi
Je Joue MiMi £78

Pebble Clit Vibrator

First of all it Mimi is a truly beautiful thing to behold and to actually hold. The size and shape of a perfectly polished pebble, Mimi sits comfortably in the hand and is slim enough to angle into all nooks and crannies, whether alone or with a lover.

Stylish, discreet and screaming ‘luxury’ all the way, Mimi is a feel-good sex toy that is perfect for partner sex. A firm body, coated in velvety soft silicone; the Mimi vibrator is sensual to touch and feels amazing on the skin as it warms to body temperature.

Being made from silicone, Mimi phthalate-free, hygienic & easy to clean with some sex toy cleaner or mild soap and water. It’s also waterproof so you can take it into the shower or bath with you.

Its size is also a massive advantage in terms of it being small and discreet enough to pack away so that it can accompany you on your travels.


Looking For a Quiet Vibrator?

Speaking of discreet – this toy is pretty quiet too. I found it to be near silent under a duvet and it can’t be heard at all in the next room so no need to worry that kids/flatmates/family will overhear any strange nocturnal buzzing .

Mimi is a rechargeable toy and so I’ve saved small fortune on batteries (plus saved myself the frustration of finding a vibe dead and in need of new batteries and me dashing to the corner shop) Plus I’m doing my bit for the environment too. It’s easy to charged up with the magnetic charger supplied alongside the Mimi in its pretty presentation box (yes, even the packaging of this toy was a real joy) and takes about as long to charge up as your average mobile phone.

Once fully powered-up, the longevity of the buzz was far more than I expected. Mimi certainly has enough life in her for even the most slow-building orgasms. If you start playing with Mimi on half-power, she’s honest too: if Mimi hasn’t the umpfh to get you off, Mimi simply stops with total honesty waiting for you to charge it up again.


Now to move on to those actual vibrations: the term ‘good vibrations’ doesn’t even come close. I can’t use the term just ‘good’. No. it’s more like ‘Outstanding’. With a simple on & off/ plus & minus button option you are given the choice of 10 different styles of vibration to play with. There’s 5 varying degrees of straight-forward continuous vibration, ranging from super gentle to uber-strong, which allow you to create a slow build-up of arousal or find the perfect level of intensity for you. Then there’s another 5 options on the cycle which are a mix of escalating and intermittent styles, which make for some very interesting pulsating sensations.

Vibrator with Quality Motor

I also found pressing or grinding hard against this toy doesn’t result in any loss of vibration intensity like some other vibrators. The quality of the motor in the Mimi is top dollar and it shows – however you play with the Mimi, the vibrations continue to resonate fully.

With so many options, playing  with Mimi never becomes boring and the clit toy allows you the flexibility to enjoy play just how you desire, depending on your mood. Like a good & versatile lover the Mimi doesn’t disappoint. If you’re looking for some perfect clitoral stimulation, Mimi is your gal!

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