Je Joue Ami Vaginal Balls Review

Ever since falling for Je Joue’s MiMi vibrator I have become a huge fan of their well-made & well-thought out products.

Ami are another triumph for this innovative British sex toy company: a set of 3 stylish,  easy and practical to use vaginal/pelvic floor exercise weights  which really deliver on their promise.

Je Joue Ami
Je Joue Ami £45

Exercise Balls for Your PC Muscle

Like all Je Joue sex toys the Ami set comes in a gorgeous presentation box. Open it up and you’ll find three silicone vaginal exercise balls of different weights and sizes which allow you to do your PC workout to its fullest potential and at a pace you’re comfortable with.

Benefits of Using Vaginal Weights

Ami ball 1 is a single lighter weight ball with a moving weight inside that is suitable if you’re just starting out for the first time.

Ami ball 2 is a linked set of balls which is a bit heavier and contains a double moving weight – which also feels amazing- who said exercise couldn’t be fun?

Ami ball 3 is a slightly smaller and much heavier version of Ami ball 2, which really gives you an intense workout.

Inside the presentation box they also provide a great little booklet which contains advice on doing the exercises and offers a few ideas for them.

I have really found these exercise balls a total pleasure to use and feel that they are doing a great job in helping me keep my muscles in tip-top shape. Ami vaginal balls are a pleasure to use – I wish all exercise plans were this enjoyable!

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