January ’14 Art Exhibition by Patricia Pastore

Patricia Pastore Art Exhibition

January 1st to 31st 2014
Monday – Sunday, 12-8pm
Sh!  57 Hoxton Square, London, N1 6PB, Tel: 020 7613 5458

‘Patricia Pastore creates images that shine with minimalistic elegance. With a woman’s eye she translates erotic nudity into stunning sensual art.’

Her sensual pictures have appeared in numerous international photographic shows, exhibitions and galleries around the world. 2013 began strong with several of her images taking part in exhibitions in the UK, Canada, USA and on the worldwideweb.

Her image ‘freedom’ from the new underwater project ‘suspended’ and her image ‘lady in black’ as seen on the cover of the 2013 ‘erotic meets art’ calendar were both voted in separate categories to be finalists @ the ‘Nude 2013’ PHOTOSHOOT AWARDS in February 2013.

Her image ‘flash’ was voted into the ‘Skin’ exhibition in Vermont / Canada @ the Darkroom Gallery in april. Mid 2013 she will feature in the book ‘Who is Who in Visual Art’ Vol 2013-2014 in the category ‘100 Fine Art Photographers’.

The drive behind her projects as she puts it: ”I am a curious person always observing the world with fresh eyes, looking for perspectives that haven’t been shown before.

As a woman photographing women my goal is to translate erotic nudity into stunning sensual art. Unveiling the female form but still keeping her mysteries.” She works mainly from London and the North of England.

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