It’s #NationalComingOutDay, share your stories

Hey friends,

Today is National Coming out day so we feel like sharing a few happy coming out stories, please add yours in the comments or tweet us @Shwomenstore.


I told my mom I’m bisexual when I was 15. I was super nervous, I was having a hard time accepting it myself. She looked at me and said, “I know.” To this day I have no idea how she knew before I did.

Simple and straightforward, with supportive parents. Was in the back garden with my step-dad, my parents already had an inkling I was gay, and we were talking about a family member’s relationship with someone, and we started talking about what I want in life, can’t even quite remember how the conversation went, but then he just turned around to me and said “You know, I reckon you’re about 80% gay, and 20% you’re not quite sure”. I just said, “Yep, you’re probably right”. I was 16 at the time. He just walked over to me, gave me a big hug and said “I am so proud of you. You’re the best son anyone could ask for.”

My two stories from coming out (context: I am bi)

  1. Came out to two mates of mine, to which one exclaimed “That’s so cool; you can get a hard from anyone!”
  2. Came out to another friend of mine, to which he replied “Wait, your tell me you like women as well?”

I’ve got good friends.


Our favourite:


I told my dad. He said “Oh, I know! You’ve always loved musical theatre and brunch!” Then he gave me a huge hug.

For the record, I’m a lesbian and those are all the wrong stereotypes ( I do love them), but it made it very funny and much less nerve wracking to tell the rest of my family. Who were just like “yeah okay we know”.

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