Intimate Organics Intense Clit Gel

Intimate Organics Intense Clitoral Gel Review

The Intimate Organics Intense Clitoral Gel is a great enhancer for women who need a little extra oomph to push them over the edge – but even if you don’t, this clit gel is great fun and offers extra-intense clitoral orgasms.



Intimate Organics Intense Clit Gel
Intimate Organics Intense Clit Gel £18

With two strengths to choose from, I went all out and decided on the Intense over Gentle – although I would suggest that if you are very sensitive, opting for the Intimate Organics Gentle Clitoral Gel might be a better option. Intense really does mean intense; I found that with this gel, the effects were felt for quite a while after the session.

How To Use Clitoral Gels?

Massage the gel into and around the clitoris, especially into the tissue underneath the clit. After a few seconds, the sensitivity of the clit begins to increase. One of the active ingredients in these gels is L-Arginine, which is a naturally occurring amino acid. L-Arginine draws the blood to the area, making it more sensitive.


The gel itself is clear and non-staining. The consistency is quite thin, compared to some gels, and can make it a little more difficult to apply, but as it’s non-staining, it doesn’t matter too much if it gets on the sheets.


Sex Gels for Vegans

The whole Intimate Organics range is natural and vegan-friendly. This can’t be said for many simulators and enhancers, so it’s great that labeling is clear. It’s made with certified organic extracts (certified by USDA) and is also DEA and parabens-free. 


I would definitely recommend Intimate Organics Intense Gel, but please remember that all women are different and you should always choose the strength most suited to your body.


Note: Not suitable for pregnant women, or those with STI. 

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