How We Select Our Sex Toys

We understand that choosing the right sex toy can be mind-boggling and that’s why we cherry-pick our range, testing and rejecting toys that don’t meet our exacting standards.

We carry many sex toys exclusive to Sh! and even lovingly hand-craft our own dildos & harnesses in our London studio.

And we scour the world for the best sex toys, but before they make it onto the Sh! shelves, each must pass the following 5 steps

1. Every  Toy Must Be GREAT Quality

Each toy up for consideration is put through rigorous quality control. If it feels cheap, has controls likely to fall apart within weeks, is badly designed or finished, it doesn’t get in.

That’s not to say every toy has a designer price tag.

We believe pleasure should be available to every purse, but a lower price should never equal tacky!

2. Every  Sex Toy We Carry Must Be SAFE

Every product we carry must be safe.  This means being body-safe, which is why we won’t stock any Jelly or PVC toys (a sex toy material containing potentially dangerous Phthalates)

Nor will we stock any anal toys without guards/wide bases as

And no toy that we consider to be difficult to clean makes the grade.

any without a super-smooth surface or any ‘sex enhancers’ likely to make you run for the shower (believe us – they exist!).

3. Every  Sex Toy We Select Must be HONEST

If it claims to offer ‘guaranteed orgasms’, ‘guaranteed pleasure’ or any other impossibly wild claims, often used by the sex industry, we won’t stock it.

And if it doesn’t work anatomically, it’s not coming in…

4. Every  Sex Toy We Select Must Be the  ‘BEST of its Kind’

Each toy must bring something unique to the table (or rather, the bedroom!)

We won’t stock lots of samey toys as that won’t help you make the best choice. Each toy must be the best of its kind, within its category and price bracket, or it doesn’t get in…

5. Every  Sh! Toy Must Be GOOD-LOOKING

Ok, this is highly subjective, but if it makes us go ‘eeeuuw!’ rather than ‘oooooh!’ it doesn’t get in. This goes for all old-school ‘realistic’ toys, like blow up dolls (or sheep!) or ones designed to look like dicks and pussies. Apart from often looking pretty ugly, we understand that ‘realistic’ toys can make partners feel insecure, which is why we don’t stock ones that look like they want to replace or look like a human…

Our aim is to offer the best erotic toys of their kind, the best quality; the best service  as well as the best advice to give you the best online adult toy shopping experience ever!

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