How to Use a Stainless Steel Sex Toy

Customers often stop to admire the beautiful collection of stainless steel sex toys in our  store, asking if they’d be allowed to feel the weight of these amazing dildos (of course!). And stainless steel dildos are incredibly weighty – one of the many reasons why they are so popular.

Dildos made out of stainless steel aren’t cheap, for sure, but look after them correctly and they will last a lifetime  – making them a great investment.

Stainless steel sex toys are smooth, non-porous and incredibly weighty. They are super easy to clean and practically indestructible.

Having scoured the world, and rejected many Chinese-made metal sex toys, because we cant be sure of their purity, we’ve chosen our main supplier to be Njoy, a small, artisan, multi-award winning US company who specialise in, and only make steel toys. Njoy Toys are cast in medical grade stainless steel and hand-polished to a mirror shine.

We compliment our range with Luxotiq, again small, artisan and award-winning, who craft in aircraft-grade aluminum.


How to Clean Steel Sex Toys & Dildos

Clean with warm water/soap. Rinse well. Polish with a lint-free cloth. Dont use any abrasive cleaners/cloths or you’ll loose the lovely shiny surface.

If you wish to sterilize your steel toy,  use a 10% bleach/ 90% water solution, then rinse in warm water. Dry with a satin cloth or fine cotton cloth.  We don’t recommended you clean a steel sex toy in a dishwasher.

 Steel Sex Toys for Women

Njoy Pure Wand
Njoy Pure Wand £99

Stainless steel dildos are especially great for women wanting to experience  squirting / female ejaculation.

Whilst we cannot promise that every woman will be able to squirt simply by using a stainless steel toy, many of our customers have told us they first experienced female ejaculation when using a stainless steel dildo.

If this sounds like something you’d like to try, we recommend building pressure in your G-Spot by ‘juicing’ (massaging in circular movements) the dildo against the G-Spot rather than moving it in and out.

Steel toys can also be used for anal play. Their weight is very sexy, and by inserting a stainless steel butt plug whilst simultaneously enjoying clitoral and vaginal stimulation, you may find your orgasmic power increasing tenfold!




Steel Sex Toys for Men

Njoy Pfun Prostate Plug
Njoy Pfun Prostate Plug £79

Men can also enjoy the befits of weighty stainless steel toys; they are great for prostate stimulation and P-spot orgasms.

Make sure you are fully aroused before inserting the butt plug, and also make sure the toy is coated with lube for safer, more sensuous play.

Steel butt plugs offer a lovely sense of fullness when used for anal play. Rather than sliding the plug in and out, try leaving it in place and rocking it gently – this may be all you need for a deep P-spot orgasm.

Customers occasionally complain that standard butt plugs can pop out during play. If this is you, we recommend trying a weighty plug made out of stainless steel – it’s highly unlikely one of these plugs will ‘escape’!


Tricks To Try with Stainless Steel Sex Toys

  • Stainless steel dildos usually have two ends of differing sizes and weight – experiment with both ends to find out you which you prefer.
  • Stainless steel toys can be chilled in the fridge, (never, ever the freezer!) for a cool treat on hot days.
  • Stainless steel toys can be warmed in a bowl on warm (not hot) water before play – great for cold winter days!
  • Add a splash of your favourite lube for ultimate sensations.












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