How to Use Nipple Clamps

Nipple clamps clamp onto the nipple to give an aching feeling many people find pleasurable.

But what are the sensations, pleasures and pain that nipple clamps can give and how do you use them safely?

Nipple clamps are designed to be placed on the nipples to provide a pinching sensation.

As you become more aroused often breasts and nipples (as well as other sensitive areas) become more receptive to stronger sensations which is where the precise delights of a nipple clamp comes in.

As in all nipple-play, its best to start slowly, gently and teasingly with nipple clamps and build up

When nipple clamps are first put on, expect a short, sharp twinge at first. As blood flow to the area is gradually cut off by the nipple clamp, this feeling subsides to a slow throb that many people find achingly sensual.

If the nipple clamps are jostled or the nipple clamp chain is pulled, the sharper sensations will return, as it will  when the clamps are released so always jostle, pull or release nipple clamps gently unless the ouch-factor is desired.

For a different kind of nipple play, try the Vibrating Nipple Clamps as they add a delightful buzz to nipple clamping…

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