How to Use a Wand Massager Vibrator

Popular for everything from deep-tissue massages to clitoral stimulation, Wand Vibrators are enjoyed by women and men alike.

They’re great for relieving tension, building tension and causing great explosions of tension too!



Wand Vibrators for Relieving Tension

Doxy Wand Massager £90
Doxy Wand Massager £90

Massage has long been used to relax sore muscles, relieve tension and accompany physical rehabilitation.

Massage is soothing both physically and mentally, and a great way to shake off daily stresses and minor aches and pains: Sore neck? Check. Period pain? Check. Tired feet? Check.

Versatile and multi-purpose,  a Wand Vibrator will take you from ‘tired’ to ‘aroused’ in a short amount of time – getting you ready for even more fun!




Wand Vibrators for Erotic Massage

Lelo Smart Wand £99
Lelo Smart Wand £99

Erotic massage takes stress-relieving elements of traditional massage and applies them in sensual ways.

Smooth strokes and relaxing vibrations from a Wand can be a sexy way to arouse your partner and gently easing them into whatever you have planned next…





Wand Vibrators as Sex Toys

Cordless Wand Massager
Cordless Wand Massager £50

Wands  offer incredibly powerful vibrations and deliver deep, vibrating throbs.

Their shape is designed for external stimulation, not  penetration – though you can buy wand attachments for this.

The large ball head can be laid against your vulva –  the strong vibrations will resonate throughout the whole area.

They are very popular with sexuality educators the world over, who regularly recommend them for women who find it difficult to become aroused or experience orgasms.

From light, skimming touches to deep-tissue massages, your Wand  delivers it all…

Wands are also very popular with those who play on the harder end of the scale, often being used for ‘scenes’ in kink-play.


Wand Fun Tips and Tricks

  • Lay your vibrating Wand on a flat surface and sit yourself on top so you can grind against the buzzing head – this offers great stimulation from a different angle!
  • Too strong? Place some fabric or a small pillow between yourself and the Wand, thus diffusing the vibrations across a larger area
  • Place your palm over the vibrating Wand, curve your thumb around the head of the Wand and use your splayed-out fingers as several small vibrators for sensual stroking…


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