Hell Hath no greater Fury than a Woman who throws Vibrators…

.. and then demands her fella get her a new one – pronto!

We love hearing, or in this case piecing together, stories behind the sex toys we sell. Here’s a tale of a vibrator that came a cropper; of an argument between husband & wife; of a man who turns from sarky to sheepish in just one day…

A fella calls up our store, arguing that he *must* visit this evening, albeit without his lady. Why the urgency? Well, him and his missus have had a *lovely* argument (his words), and she threw her Fun Factory Boss vibrator into the wall, and it broke. He hopes to get back into her good books by buying her a new sex toy.

When he doesn’t turn up the Sh! Staff conclude that either she’s sello-taped her vibrator back up, or they are still arguing!

The next day, a guy calls up our store  in a fluster. The story is very similar; he and his wife argued over the weekend and all ended in tears… a vibe was thrown and now he is sheepishly coming to replace it.

Now, either this is the same bloke or women are throwing their vibes with wild abandon. We’ve heard lots of stories of victimised vibes and distressed dildos, of sex toys that don’t survive an argument or relationship breakdown, Not surprising really that as voices are raised, toys are grabbed –the intimacy intertwined in a sex toy makes it a great weapon for cutting to the heart!

ps The guy DID make it to our Hoxton store to replace his Mrs’s vibrator. We showed him some Lelo vibrators, which women LOVE and which make fab presents.  He goes for a cheaper Fun Factory toy… he’s sorry, but not THAT sorry!!

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