Happy International Tickler Day from Sh!

Sex toy innovaters, vibe magicians and Sh!-approved brand Tickler have declared the 23rd of June to be International Tickler Day!

Even though it’s not a recognized public holiday (yet!) the Sh! Girlz are celebrating Tickler Day with a look at our most popular Tickler toys and the brand spanking new range of tiny, stylish pocket vibes that are here to tickle you pink.

The full size Tickler Toyfriends at Sh!
The full size Tickler Toyfriends at Sh!

Here at Sh! we just adore the minimalist design (Swedish, obviously!) and powerful buzz of Tickler vibes. Whether you want clitoral sensations, internal stimulation or just a conversation starter for your mantelpiece, Tickler toys don’t compromise on either style or functionality.


The Tickler Toyfriends are the original and most popular family of vibes from this fab brand. They’re all quiet, energetic and made of smooth, body-safe silicone … and just look at that design, phwoar! These toys come in slick contemporary packaging, and with a stand for storage so you can proudly display your designer toy.

Each toy in the family has a different vibe pattern, some are deep and penetrating, while others are fast and intense. The Sh! best seller from this range is the Mystic Tickler, with two little antennae which are perfect to focus on the super-sensitive sides of the clitoris.

Tickler Pocket Toyfriends at Sh!
Tickler Pocket Toyfriends at Sh!

Pocket Ticklers

Brand new at Sh!, these mini vibes are sleek, discreet and hush-hush quiet. Roughly the length of your index finger, these little cuties are 100% waterproof with tips that super soft and silky to the touch. The pocket vibes have all the same features that you love about their big sisters, but are extra discreet, adorable and perfect for on-the-go.

With names like Zany, Foxy, Nice and Posh, there’s a Tickler Pocket Toyfriend for any mood. The Sh! Girlz want to collect them all!

Pop over to our online store now and pick up your new favourite toys, they’re sure to be a Sh! favourite right away.

Happy tickling, everyone!


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