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Girl With a One Track Mind Erotic Book Reading

Sh! are proud to be presenting the author of ‘Girl with a One Track Mind’ for an exclusive book reading night

Following her interview in The Evening Standard last week, and her rise to fame, Abby Lee (Aka Zoe Margolis) Britain’s most famous sex diarist is gracing Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium for an extra special book reading night on 19th March.

It’s guaranteed to be a busy night!

Abby Lee is arguably Britain’s most famous sex diarist. Her first book, Girl With a One Track Mind was a publishing phenomenon.

Shockingly, shortly after publication, Abby was ‘outed’ as Zoe Margolis by a major national newspaper, without her consent.

A media furore ensued and her private life, now public, was thrown into disarray. Suddenly all her friends, family and colleagues knew her most shockingly intimate secrets.

In Girl with a One Track Mind: EXPOSED, she details how her life changed overnight, how she coped and, of course, her attempts to lead a satisfying sex life once more.

True to form, this results in hilarious adventures, from doomed sex with a rock star and uneventful sex with a newspaper columnist to an on-off relationship with a TV presenter and a one-night stand with an internet celebrity.

Book Reading “Girl wiith a One Track Mind” with Abbey Lee
Date: Friday 19th March

Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium
Time: 7pm
Price: £3 – includes bubbly and cup cakes, reading, a short talk and Q&A
includes bubbly and cup cakes, reading, a short talk and Q&A.  Sunday – so if you’re around over the weekend, do come in to check out what’s in store…

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