Guide to Sex Toys Materials: Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel – stunning, temperature-responsive and sensually heavy material.

Adult toys made from steel (the ones we stock are surgical stainless steel) are the weightiest of all sex toys.

Steel Dildos
Steel dildos deliver sleek sensations that’s unlike any other sex toy…

They provide a pressure inside that feels like no other.   The solid weightiness coupled with super-sleek surface means that steel adult toys, like the Njoy Pure Wand, are naturally fantastic toys for penetration and especially great at G-Spot and prostate massage. Steel is more heat responsive than glass, so if you’re playing with these sensations always check the temperature of your toy before play – and no leaving on the radiator or inside the freezer!

Pros of Steel/Metal Sex Toys

  •  Cool sleek surface
  • A luxurious weighty feel
  • Phthalate-free
  • Temperature responsive so can be warmed or cooled for different sensations
  • Non-porous surface, so easy to clean
  • A little lubricant makes surface super slippy and incredibly sensual

Cons of Steel or Metal Sex Toys

  • Pricey
  • Limited Range


Care & Cleaning of Steel or Metal Toys

Hand-was your stainless steel toy after every use, using warm water and a mild soap.

If you wish to sterilize the toy we recommend using a mild antibacterial soap, then rinse in warm water.

Promptly dry it off with the satin cloth that was provided or a fine cotton cloth.

Just like fine jewelry, we do not recommend putting it in the dishwasher.

Overall verdict: Stainless steel toys are not cheap but as these toys will last a lifetime, we reckon they are worth it!

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