Latest Toys from RocksOff

Sh! has the very latest toys from RocksOff!

New toys from RocksOff have arrived at Sh! this week, and we’re very impressed with them. Thjere’s something for everyone in this hot collection of their latest goodies!

The Groovy Chick is an update on the ever-popular Rock Chick, designed for hands-free clit and G-spot vibes. The Groovy Chick is a slimmer version, but made of the same silky silicone, and powered by the same much-loved RO80 Bullet Vibrator (the one you can pop out of the Groovy Chick and use as a clit vibe all on it’s own if you want…). The clit stimulator has a gently textured surface for extra stimulation, and the G-spot curve is strong enough to give you a real thrill! We love the Groovy Chick for its unique concept – rather than just move the vibrator, you can rock your body with the vibrator – great to really get you heated up. Come on and groove, baby!

Cheeky Boy
Cheeky Boy
The lovely folks at Rockoff have also sent us the Cheeky Boy – one for the fellahs, as the name suggests. The Cheeky Boy is a beaded anal vibrator that buzzes two of the very sensitive areas of a fellah’s anatomy, and leaves his hands free for other fun things! The beaded shaft is great for guys who like anal beads , and means it’s very easy to keep the Cheeky Boy vibe in place. It’s also powered by the RO80mm Bullet vibe, which (did we mention?) gives an extra-powerful vibe. Perfect for solo or partner play, the Cheeky Boy is a really hot toy for the boys!

RO120mm Bullet
RO120mm Bullet Vibrator
The RO120mm Bullet is a new design from RocksOff. It’s a scaled-up RO80mm, powered by two AAA batteries, and with five settings available at the touch of a button. It’s got two steady speeds, two intermittent pulse settings, and a really gorgeous escalating setting. The RO120mm Bullet is equally good as a small G-spot vibe or a clit vibe – and its buzz is super-powerful, so if you love strong vibrations, this is the toy for you!

Have a great weekend, Ladiez and gents! We’ll be back next week with more Monday Favourites.

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