**Gents Nite: December Special Edition**

Thinking about a saucy gift for your lady? Not sure what to get? Have questions? Why not give the gift of orgasm this season!

Let Team Sh! help you find the perfect present this Christmas and help expand your erotic knowledge! Join us for Gents Nite this December and enjoy our Gents Nite: Christmas Special Edition.

Secret Vibrator £35
Secret Vibrator £35

***Tuesday 3rd December***: Expand your clitological knowledge! Team Sh! will give a 20 minute mini class on everything clitoris and ensure you buy your lady the perfect toy!  And FREE lube with every purchase!

***Tuesday 10th December*** It’s all about the G-spot! Team Sh!  will talk about how to give your ladies that perfect-spot on orgasm this Christmas. FREE G-spot stimulant gel with every purchase!

***Tuesday 17th December*** Couples that play together, stay together! Team Sh! will be talking about couples toys to ensure a spicy and very merry Christmas this year. FREE flavoured lube with every purchase!

So guys… Come visit “one of the most exclusive shops in the UK” (GQ) this holiday season. We usually ask male customers to be accompanied by a lady, however, every Tuesday throughout December we’re welcoming unaccompanied gents to browse the unique range of goodies Sh! has to offer… Team Sh! will of course be on hand with mulled wine and great advice!

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