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Fierce Intimacy: Passion & Connection

Would you like more intimacy and passion in your relationship ? Do you want to discover how kink can bring you closer ? Are you ready for a wild ride into The Eye of the Storm?

Marti & Faerie from Sacred Pleasures are hosting a new retreat for lovers & partners on Lanzarote this June. It’s a space to explore Fierce Intimacy: the passion and connection that’s possible through kinky pleasure and play.

For committed couples and triads, you’ll immerse yourself in rich, sumptuous kinky intimacy and pleasure for nine whole days – utter bliss! Exploring and diving deep together, you’ll discover what happens when you open deeply to your kinky side…

It’s an exclusive opportunity for just six couples or triads, all genders and orientations are welcomed.

Find out more about Fierce Intimacy Retreats here.

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