Feather Ticklers – In Stock Now

Since the Sh! Girlz posted this last ngiht, the brand new Lelo Feather Ticklers have arrived and are now available on the website. Enjoy!

The Sh! girlz are tickled pink this gloomy Tuesday – Feather Ticklers
are now in stock!

Lelo Feather Tickler
Lelo Feather Tickler

Feathers may seem like a very soft option as a sex toy – compared with vibes, dildos, and spankers. But we reckon feather ticklers are a fantastic toy, to be used with a little imagination!

Stroking, teasing and tickling with a feather tickler can be all sorts of fun. A touch with a feather tickler can be a tender invitation to come and play…

…it can be a super-soft massage all over to relax your partner and make their skin ultra-responsive…

…feathers can be used to tickle toes, neck, ears, back, and wherever you like! Lots of places that don’t usually feel too sensitive can become turn-on zones if they’re teased right…

…or, for something a little more ticklish, add a blindfold or some light bondage into the mix and really torment your partner! It’s a gentle and irresistable form of power play.

Or, if you’re into spanking, tease your newly-spanked partner with a feather tickler – the contrast of sensations is very intense!

There’s a few bright ideas, courtesy of the Sh! girlz…enoy!

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