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Quick Guide to the G-Spot

So, maybe you’ve heard your friends talking about how amazing G-spot stimulation and orgasms are, but you’re still struggling to hit your peak or maybe even find your G-spot.

We’ve put together a short guide to shed some light on the ins and out of your G-spot, how you find it and the moves you need to be trying for maximum satisfaction.

How to find your G-spot

Finding your G-spot takes a li’l bit of time and exploration, which is best done with fingers and lube.

The G-spot area is located on the front wall of the vagina, about half-a-finger inside and up. Curving your finger upwards towards your belly button will give you a better angle.

While you are feeling around for it, try and find a cluster of tissue that resembles the texture of a walnut. Feeling that? Bingo! You’ve just found your G-spot!

Remember, we are all different and unique so your G-spot may be higher up inside or could be larger in size (easier to find!).

Increasing sensation alone or with a partner

Now you’ve found your special spot, it’s time to experiment with it and find out how it likes to be stimulated. You might choose to do this alone or with a partner, but either way there is a special technique that you can use that has been shown to work for a lot of peeps:

Work your finger or fingers (if you prefer more than one) in bit by bit and massage the G-spot firmly. You want to get your fingers into a curled position and use them to massage the wall of your vagina in a come-hither motion. It can be tiring to do this on your own, so a G-spot toy can be helpful. It’ll have a handle to hold and a tip that curves upwards towards your hot-spot.


If you’re experimenting with a partner, try lifting your knees towards your chest, which will give them better access for finding your G-spot. Rather than having them thrust their fingers in and out vigorously, ask them to firmly massage the area instead – we call this ‘juicing the G-spot.’

Best positions for G-spot stimulation

Now you’ve got to grips with things and know whereabouts your G-spot is located, it’s time to ramp things up and work on using different positions to keep hitting your pleasure spot and maybe even achieve some toe-curling orgasms!

Doggy style is a great position for G-spot stimulation and is also perfect if you enjoy the feeling of being dominated. Being on all fours with your back arched ensures your G-spot is receiving maximum attention.


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