Hot Erotica for the long winter evenings…

As the nights are drawing in and the weather’s getting pretty gloomy, the Sh! girlz are recommending some hot erotica to keep you warm on the long winter evenings…

Fast Girls
Fast Girls

Fast Girls is a hot new erotica collection edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. This collection of twenty sexy stories is about women who go after what they want – and get it! From the lyrical mix of music and seduction in Susie Hara’s Waiting for Beethoven to the delicious exhibitionism of Andrea Dale’s Flash, Fast Girls has something for everyone to enjoy.

I named this book after a song called Fast Girls…I’m sure you know a girl like that. Or a woman. Or a lady. Or a butch. Or a femme. Or…you get the idea. She’s the kind of babe who takes no prisoners, who owns her life and her sexuality and not only doesn’t apologize for them, makes sure you notice her abnd what she’s all about. – from Rachel Kramer Bussel’s Introduction.

More hot books coming soon, ladiez!

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