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Erotic Classes at Sh!

Our fun and informative classes will help develop your erotic skills & expand your sexual eduction. Held at our Hoxton Store these classes will enlighten, educate and inspire you.

erotic-class8_1Full of practical advice & sexpert tips, these events are fun, informal, even playful, whilst still providing valuable insight and information.

‘Very good, easy to go through, lovely staff’

‘Good class, lots of fun & good tips!’

‘I need to go home and practice!

We get very good feedback from classes, with everybody reporting back that they are satisfied to extremely satisfied.

Each erotic class specifies if the class is for women only or if it’s open to everybody.

No exceptions will be made – so, please don’t ask. These are educational classes on sex and sexuality and often it’s important for women to be in a women-only atmosphere so they can fully relax and ask as many questions ask they like.

Being ‘women-only’ isn’t about excluding anybody, but simply about creating a safe and empowering place

Pre-booking  is essential to guarantee a place in the class. Each class has limited spaces (10 or 12) so just turning up on the night may well result in you being turned away…

Erotic Classes start promptly; please arrive 30 minutes early so we can all be ready to start on time.

All erotic classes  take place  at our London Store.  However, if a wheelchair user would like to attend a class we will consider moving the class upstairs. Please email us at to find out if this is possible for the particular erotic class you are interested in.

Our classes are educational; attendees and tutors stay fully dressed and there is no inappropriate interaction.

Cancellation Policy for Erotic Classes.

Full refund is entitled only if you cancel attendance within 14 days of purchase.

If cancellation is required after the 14 days period, we are unable to issue a full refund. Instead, you will be offered a place on another class or alternatively an online gift certificate.


Refund Policy

In the unlikely event of Sh! having to cancel an erotic class, you will be offered to attend a different class, an online gift certificate or a full refund.

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