Erotic Awards Charity Exhibition at Sh! Portobello

This year, Sh! will be hosting the Erotic Awards charity exhibition immediately after the winners are announced at the Night of the Senses Ball in London.

WHEN: 21st May to 30th June


Erotic Awards 2011

The Erotic Awards celebrate the most talented erotic artists and most influential, sex-positive pioneers of our time, to create a show which is as spellbinding as is it sensational.

The Erotic Awards were started in 1994, to provide a playfully stimulating reposte to society’s remaining reservations about open expressions of sexuality. Categories range from artist to sex worker, campaigner to film. Our awards are pansexual and encourage disabled artists.

Erotic Awards are run by volunteers and, through sales of art and tickets to our Ball, they raise funds for Outsiders, a national charity which helps disabled people gain confidence and find partners (Reg No 283350).

Gutter Orchid (UK) Virtual reality 3d computer generated images of dreams and nightmares
Jamie McCartney (UK) Erotic sculptures include The Great Wall of Vagina demonstrating genital diversity.
Xue Wang (China) Erotic oil paintings of fairy tales, fun fairs, vintage and pin-up imagery.

Gregory Brown (UK) the saxophonist from The Temptations who now produces elegant fine art nude, fashion and fetish.
Daikichi Amono(Japan) extraordinary photographer who works with women and octopuses. He wrote to the Erotic Awards, “Japan dropped by the damage of the earthquake, but spirit reflected by an email from you.”
Rod McDonald (UK) “Images of the body make an powerful connection with us. They are us – as we are, as we were, as we would like to be, as we fear to become – or perhaps they are the Other we desire or fear.”

Anna Simpson (UK) of Green Futures who writes about sustainability in the sex industry
Handisex (Denmark) a group in Copenhagen who provide disabled people with vibrator support
Lippy Girl (UK) who sings the pleasures of the foreskin to both partners and the joys of having long labia.
John Constable (UK) inspired by stories of the Winchester Geese, prostitutes who were licensed by the church to ply their trade within the Liberty of the Clink, on the south bank of the Thames.
Boykitten (UK) a beautiful, 22-year-old androgynous FtM transsexual who expresses himself through self suspension.
Open Sauce by Radical X (UK), a website where everyone can join in and add to an erotic story.

Do come along and check out the exhibition!

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