Vegan Sex Toys

Vegans around the world come together to celebrate World Vegan Day on November 1st and this year, we’re joining in.  Vegan diets, that is meat & dairy-free diets, are often hailed as key to eternal youth, with younger looking skin and increased energy just a couple of the benefits from avoiding animal-derived ingredients.

Going vegan is easier than ever; the common green V logo will help you spot whether edible products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Veganism is now becoming increasingly mainstream with bars & restaurants highlighting vegan options on menus.

Choosing vegan-friendly lubricants and sex toys can be a little trickier – it’s difficult to know what’s what without resorting to trusted Uncle Google. But – we’re here to help!

Vegan Lubricants

Using lube is a quick, fun and sexy way to enhance sensations and pleasure during all sex play. All you need to do is squirt a little bit on your fingers – and you are ready to go to town! A little bit often goes a long way, and if you are using silicone sex toys we advise to always choose water-based versions.


Our Vegan go-to lubes are made by Sliquid. Choose between a natural, clean lube, yummy flavoured lubes for tasty oral sex or their thicker, long-lasting lube for anal play. If you are feeling extra adventurous, there is even a Sliquid Warming Lube to choose from!

Sliquid lubes are certified 100% vegan, so you can relax in the knowledge that the lube you are using did not harm any animals. They are also glycerin-free, paraben-free, hypoallergenic and non-toxic – everything we want from a lube!

Vegan Enhancing Gels

Intimate Organics Enhancing Gels are 100% Vegan, like this clitoral pleasure gel.  The gel is very easy to use: simply massage a small amount of gel into the tissue around the clitoral area and enjoy the increased blood flow to the genitals. This can have a fantastic effect on your ability to reach climax – faster, harder, more!

Crafted with organic extracts carefully harvested to optimise pleasure and safety, Intimate Organics products are very popular with both vegan and non-vegan customers in our shop.

Vegan Sensual Massage Candles

These edible heart-shaped massage candles are 100% Vegan and designed for all of you who love nothing better than relaxing under the capable hands of a lover of an evening. Four things in one tin (candle, massage oil, moisturizer and tasty treat!), these candles come in a choice of five delicious flavours and the all-natural, food grade quality skin oils are lickable for extra fun.

Light the candle as you would a normal candle (although don’t try this sensual use of a candle with standard candles as they’ll burn delicate skin…). Relax and enjoy the heady scent whilst the wax melts into warm oil. Drizzle the oil onto your lover’s skin and massage with long, slow and strong movements. Bliss!

Vegan Strap-On Harness Play

Whilst our bestsellig harnesses are hand crafted out of soft leather, we understand that this is not an option for every one. Many go vegan, and stay vegan, in an effort to prevent the exploitation of animals and therefor choose to not wear leather. With this in mind, we offer a range of handmade rubber harnesses for strap-on harness play.

We have three sexy styles to choose from,  Rubber Deluxe HarnessRubber Classic Harness and Rubber Corset Harness.


The rubber harnesses are available in sizes Small, Medium and Large, but our team are able to make to order strap-on harnesses with longer straps, should you need it.

The Sh! Rubber Harnesses are available in our Hoxton store and also online. Each harness comes with a 1 year guarantee but if you look after it properly, you’ll have fun with your strap-on for years to come!

Now, wearing a harness is lots of fun – but we promise it’ll be so much more fun with a dildo in it!

Our collection of beautiful silicone dildos are handmade at our studio right here in London. Available in over 30 different ergonomic shapes and sizes, each one is lovingly hand-poured in a variety of colours. Black, purple, blue or pink – or why not one in each colour! With so many to choose from, it’s hard to pick just one…


Vegan Kink

Vegan kink is just as kinky as any other kink – just enjoyed with products that are safe and cruelty-free. We have a range of beautiful rubber bondage online and in our shop in East London. Each piece is carefully handmade and finished to an exquisite standard.

Take this stunning Rubber Princess Bondage Set for example – a dainty set for the submissive Princess in your life.  Or if your sub is less of a Princess and more of a handful, a sturdy Rubber Bondage Collar might be just the thing…

classic-tawse-rubberEither way, if they misbehave you may need to punish them in style and a Classic Rubber Tawse lets you do just that! This hand-sized rubber paddle offers a rosy glow and smarting sensations – perfect for teaching your naughty sub a lesson.

Split into four fingers and double-layered, the two layers slap together to make satisfying ‘thwack’. The rubber is 3mm thick, strong, flexible and very easy to keep clean.  Top quality paddle, ethically-produced and with a one year guarantee!

We should also point out that you don’t have to be Vegan to enjoy all of these products – they work just as well for those of you who are not so keen on veg. After all, an orgasm tastes just as good whatever you had for dinner!






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