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Celebrate Girlfriend’s Day at Sh!

Did you know that Saturday 1st of August is Girlfriend’s Day? No, neither did we! Having a wonderful girlfriend in your life should be celebrated every day, but since we have to settle for one day (two, if you count Valentine’s Day…or three, if you include her birthday) we’ve decided that Girlfriend’s Day shouldn’t just be about celebrating “girlfriend” in a lovers’ sense – it should be about celebrating your Bezzie, your BFF!

Having a great friend, someone to count on come rain or shine is one of the most valuable things in life. Be that friend! And celebrate that friend if you have one! Or perhaps you have several bezzie mates? Think Sex & the City – a group of friends who are ready with sturdy shoulders to cry on when you’ve had your heart broken (again!), or won’t hesitate to get their gladrags on and celebrate in style whenever great things come your way… These are the girlfriends we should be celebrating! Lovers come and go, but a true friend stays forever.

Bring your GF, Bezzie Mate, BFFs or even your whole posse down to Sh! on 57 Hoxton Square on Saturday 1st August, 12-8pm and everyone will receive a (girl)friendly 10% off their goodies!

Or, if you are unable to make it down to the shop, why not leave your GF/BFF a message below in the comments? Let us know why she’s so special and we’ll share the love xx

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