Eco Sex Toys & Earth Day 2013

Eco Sex Toys – What are the ‘green’ choices?

With the sun rising on another Earth Day, there couldn’t be a better time to talk about the eco side of sex toys.

So today we’re talking rechargeable VS battery-operated, where to recycle your sex toys (*yes*, they can be recycled) and how you can do your bit to be sex toy savvy, go green and save the planet ~ one vibrator at a time!

There are plenty of reasons for choosing a rechargeable vibe over their battery-operated counterparts:

Desire Vibrator
Desire Vibrator

Firstly, rechargeable vibrators tend to be more powerful, and there are no more disappointing dwindling battery moments ~ always frustrating! You can count on your rechargeable toy to be raring to go at a moments notice (if you are in the habit of regular charging, of course!)

But, best of all the eco credentials of rechargeable sex toys is no more batteries! Better for your purse-strings, better for the planet, better all round!

Some of the most popular re-chargeable sex toys are made by us (Sh! Own Brand Rechargeable vibrators), or Lelo, Fun Factory, Je Joue and We Vibe. These slick designers have pushed the boundaries of sex toy innovation! Gone are the days of porous, neon-coloured jelly plastic and in its place are a whole range of body-friendly silicone products.

If you would rather use battery operated toys, please keep in mind that they should be recycled rather than just thrown away, and there are free collection and recycling systems across the country for them. **Alternatively, you could go for re-chargeable batteries for your toy, as they will work just as well as regular ones.**

Contrary to popular belief, sex toys need to be disposed of correctly too (due to their electrical components). Check your area for local designated electrical waste collection centres for more information on how to get them recycled.

If you’re not a fan of vibration, you are in luck; we have some amazing eco-friendly / green sex toys in the form of glass and steel toys available in-store and online. Our glass toys provide super stimulation and last forever (if you take care of them properly).

So, there you have it! A few extra tips for staying green this Earth Day! If you have any tips of your own, we’d love to hear from you. Please leave us a comment on the blog


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