Cafe V is Back!

Our first Cafe V of the summer this Saturday! Time to be together to celebrate and reconnect with our bodies!

This session will be particularly vagtastic, with illustrator & designer Jo Harrison on hand to inspire guests to get creative with pens, glitter & colourful paper. And as per usual, Sh! staff will be on hand with Danish pastries, iced tea, and discounts for anyone who wants to shop.

When: Saturday 23rd June at 9.30am

Where: Sh! 31-35 Pitfield Street, London N1 6HB

Reserve your spot here!


Café V, a collaboration between the My Body Back Project and Sh!  is a regular session for women to learn about loving their bodies after violence. It’s a safe space for guests to talk about enjoying sex again, with themselves or a partner.

Café V is run especially for women (cis and trans) who have experienced sexual violence. We will look at practical ways to connect with the body and physical relaxation techniques. Everybody is welcome and there will be plenty of cakes, teas and a supportive atmosphere. You can choose to listen and contribute as much or as little as you wish.

To help us with the costs of running Cafe V, we ask that you give a small donation for each session you attend. If you’re employed, we’d very much appreciate a donation of a £3 to £5. If you’re unemployed, on benefits, a single parent, a student, on sick pay or money is particularly tight that month, we’re happy to waive the donation. Just send the team an email at CafeV@mybodybackproject.com letting us know which workshop(s) you’d like to attend and that you can’t give a donation at the moment.

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