Finger Vibrators Buyers Guide

Here we’ll give you the lowdown on finger vibes and what to look for when you are considering buying a finger vibrator.

Lots of women loooove direct finger stimulation and most of us use fingers when we’re masturbating. Adding a finger vibe combines the best of both worlds. Finger vibes are small, discreet, and can be anywhere from fluttery to super-strong – there’s a finger vibe to suit every sensation preference!

Using a Finger Vibrator on Yourself

Rippled Finger Vibe £18
Rippled Finger Vibe £18

If you prefer your fingers for masturbation, then adding vibration is a great way to add an extra thrill, as well as a useful tool if you take a long time to orgasm: fingers can tire and adding the extra vibration is likely to tip you over the edge.
– Try out a textured vibe like the Rippled Finger Vibe for extra stimulation.
Lelo Picobong Ipo offers a bigger body for more contact and multi-speed options if you like lots of variety.

Using a Finger Vibrator with Your Lover

This kind of vibrator is discreet enough for sex with your lover; simply slip one onto your finger and use your fingers to explore, exactly as usual, but with the added benefit of vibration.
– The innovative Finger Tingles is an extra-powerful vibe which is also amazingly versatile – use it for direct stimulation, or slip it on and your finger becomes the vibrator! Great for introducing a nervous partner to the fun of vibrations.
– Enjoy the super-smooth sensations of the Feelztoys Finger Tip Vibe with your lover. The box comes with two finger tip vibes, so you can have one each!

There’s lots of finger vibes to chose from, so check out our finger vibe page for more info. Any questions? Email us here and we’ll provide the very best advice – Sh! style!

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