How to Use an Egg or Bullet Vibrator

A vibrating egg or bullet vibrator is much smaller than a standard vibrator, and specifically designed for clitoral stimulation, though, of course it will deliver its thrills anywhere it touches, so they are great for nipples, toes and men’s bits too!

( they are not ok for anal-play, though, as we explain later..)

Sh! Bullet Vibrator - £10 - Teeny, powerful and perfect for extra strong clitoral stimulation during sex
Sh! Bullet Vibrator (£10) Small, Strong, with a simple, single speed

Starting at just £10 with single, strong speed, bullets and eggs are some of the most affordable and easy to operate vibrators available.

Sh! Easy Egg Vibrator (£19) Strong and quiet, with stimulating soft sleeve, 3 speeds + pulse settings.
Sh! Easy Egg Vibrator (£19) Strong and quiet, with stimulating soft sleeve, 3 speeds + pulse settings.

And because they are ALL about clitoral pleasure, bullets and eggs are often the kind we recommend as a beginners vibrator to women coming to our store for first orgasm advice.

Their discreet size also makes them a great couples toy and because they are purely external pleasure providers, there’s no chance of your partner feeling threatened or ‘replaced’ ( which can happen with more penetrative-shaped toys)

How to Use an Egg or Bullet Vibrator

Warning! Bullet and egg vibrators can be STRONG!

This is because of 2 reasons:

  1. Their petite proportions means the vibrations from the motor inside don’t have far to travel, making them bundles of buzzing jumping beans!
  2. They are often made of  plastic; a sex toy material that doesn’t absorb vibration ( like softer materials can) so a lot of power is transmitted, with super-efficiency, along its smooth, sleek surface.

This is great news if you need / enjoy intense stimulation but can  blow the socks of you, if you are new to vibration.

Everyone feels things differently, but if you are trying a vibrating egg or bullet vibrator for the first time, try approaching your clitoris from the side, starting on the gentlest vibrator setting.

Many women are most responsive to clitoral stimulation on the sides of their clitoris, rather than directly on it, which can actually feel too intense to be pleasurable and some women even find painful.

Imagining the clitoris as a clock-face,  this means 10-11am or 1-2pm on the ‘clit-face’ rather than high noon!

Explore the whole area, focusing on where it feels really good.

Sh! Secret Vibrator (£35) Small Vibrating Silicone Clitoral Egg: 20 Powerful Settings
Sh! Secret Vibrator (£35) Small Vibrating Silicone Clitoral Egg: 20 Powerful Settings

A really powerful vibrating egg, like the Sh! Secret, can be great for clit stimulation, especially if you can find it difficult to orgasm – we’ve recommended this vibrator to many pre-orgasmic women, who have since experienced their very first orgasm.

How to Hold an Egg or Bullet Vibrator

Holding a super-powerful egg-shaped or bullet vibrator can sometimes turn your fingers numb – we call this ‘getting vibrator-hand’. If this happens to you, simply nestle your vibe between your lady-lips, lie back and enjoy the vibrating sensations hands-free.

Or, if the sensation offered by your vibrating egg or bullet vibrator feels too powerful for your clitoris, try cupping the toy in the palm of your hand and enjoy subtle vibrations felt through your fingertips instead.

If your vibrating egg or bullet vibe has a cable running from the bullet to the battery pack, remember to treat it gently. Pulling to hard at the cord can cause it to loosen and will eventually damage your toy.

Tips & Tricks to Try with an Egg or Bullet Vibrator

  • A vibrating egg or bullet  is small and discreet enough to cup against your clitoris to offer the extra stimulation you may need to orgasm during intercourse with a partner.
  • A good trick is to rest the egg or bullet length-ways, allowing the vibrations to diffuse over the whole vulva area. You’ll likely find this builds arousal and gets you very excited – the outer lips, (Labia Majora), are an oft-overlooked area, but are highly sensitive.
  • These vibrators feel good to men too. Place the small bullet vibe at the base of his penis, or run a vibrating egg along his perineum for thrilling orgasms!
  • Egg vibes haven’t been designed for use internally, but if you’d like to slip it inside anyway: simply slide the egg into a condom so you can safely remove it without pulling on the cord.
  • Egg vibrators with a cord leading to a separate battery pack may seem cumbersome but actually it can be easier and more seamless to operate the settings with a controller in your hand, rather than trying to find the +/- buttons on a toy between your legs! Another advantage is that you can hand the control to your partner and let them take you on a vibrating journey – a great way to discover new ways to play… and orgasm!


Please Note: Egg-shaped or bullet vibrators are not safe for anal play

Even when covered in a condom. They are too small and may easily get sucked up by the very strong muscles inside, leaving you needing a trip to A&E, sharpish. If you would like to try anal pleasure, please choose an anal vibrator instead, as these have guards on the base making them totally safe for anal play




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