Brand New Lesbian Sex Toy From Joya!

Brand New Lesbian Sex Toy!
Joya Little Su Natural - Red
Newly designed by women for women, the Joya range are the latest addition to Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium‘s shelves!

We love the Joya toys, which are perfect for one or two women to enjoy!  The Little Su Natural dildo is designed to be worn internally, providing focussed G-spot stimulation with it’s elegant curves, and allowing the wearer to really rock-n-roll!

Added to this, there’s a cute little textured clit stimulator which can be used for direct clit-teasing – it’s specially good if you like rubbing and grinding play.  

Best of all, the clit stimulator is double-sided, so it can please two ladiez at once, allowing you and your girl to get very some very close clit contact!

Brand New Lesbian Sex Toy!
Joya Little Su Tulip - Black

The Joya Little Su Tulip is a yummy vibrating dildo which is very good for sharing!

With one buzz in the shaft, and another in the clit stimulator, the Little Su Tulip is also worn internally, and is great to do some Kegel practise on! like the Little Su Natural dildo, it’s got a clit stimulator which can please two clits at once!

The Little Su Tulip vibrator can also be combined with a strap-on harness for a little extra buzz for both partners!

The Little Su Tulip vibrating dildo is ideal for hands-free fun, and like the Little Su Natural dildo, it’s specially good if you like bump’n’grind play and hands-free fun!

The Little Su range from Joya are some of the coolest lesbian sex toys we’ve seen!

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